Run Time Errors 36xx, 34xx

Not sure why this happens as recent versions of the appropriate files are bundled with Cab View. Perhaps a partial / aborted install / uninstall of a data access object or one of it's dependencies? Anyway, here's the fix, download and run these files:



Early station area signalling simulations have to be installed to drive C:\

That's right folks. The extended area ones can go on any drive and you're prompted accordingly on setup.


Cab View Driver and Vista

CabView works ok on Vista but the codecs used to run the video aren't always installed on Vista PCs. If the video doesn't run then you can roll back to an earlier version of Windows Mediaplayer by following this link:


Install this:


It’ll say it’s for XP but install it anyway and the go to:

Start - Run - type cmd and press Enter (or click on OK)

type cd\ and press Enter

then Type regsvr32 ir50_32.dll and then press return.

If that doesn’t work try:

On Vista, to register a filter from the command prompt you typically have to be running the command prompt with administer privileges.

If you have Command Prompt on your Start menu, just right-click ad choose Run as Administrator.  If not, open Windows Explorer, navigate to C:\Windows\System32 and find cmd.exe - right click and choose Run as Administrator.

Now run regsvr32 <filter> - it should register filters correctly.

In this case the filter is ir50_32.dll